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The LightSKIN has developed lights that can be
mounted outside with differentiated design and performance from the existing products by applying
the know-how on the built-in light and the optic engineering technology that have been accumulated
for years.
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  • U2
Light weight
The light weight 25grams is another advantage of U2. Many bicycle lights can be damaged
by vibration or impact during riding, U2 weighs only 25 grams, minimizing the impact.
Because of it’s light weight, we can also use very small brackets can be placed
in various positions, like fender and stem.
Efficient cooling
The smaller the light, the smaller the volume and the lower the heat emission performance.
The U2 Alloy Body reduces the distance between the LED and the bracket for efficient thermal exhaust,
allowing the hot heat to pass through the bracket. This prevents LED damage and shortening of life.
NACA air foil shape
Air resistance is minimized through the design following
the NACA airfoil shape.(Cd, drag of coefficient : 0.267).
When it is driven at a speed of 45km/h, the energy consumed by air resistance is only 0.48W.
Projection lens
A lens incorporating automotive projection lens technology realizes a perfect cut-off line
at a height of only 2 centimeters and meets the 45 km/h regulation (ECE R113 class B).

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