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K 1817
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The smallest bike front light approved StVZO. In the "LightSKIN U2E" version, the light is powered via a cable connected to an external power source. For example, to the battery of a bicycle with electrical pedal assistance.

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Product Details
  • Features
  • Light unit
  • ETC

    Package Contents

    U2 front light

    Fork bracket

    Approval Code

    K 1817

    Compliant with standard or directive

    RoHS, UN3481, StVZO §22a TA Nr.23(Headlights for bicycles), IPX5

How to Use
  • Assembly

    The headlight must be mounted centrally on the bike and must not, under any circumstances, be covered.
    The headlight must be mounted in such a way that it emits light to the front. The reference axis (see drawing) must be aligned parallel to the bicycle’s longitudinal axis.

    Mounting height of the headlight according to the StVZO

    Min.: 400 mm

    Max.: 1.200 mm

  • Function

    The headlight light is operated by the light switch of the e-bike system.

    The headlight does not have a high beam or daytime light mode. 

  • Precautions

    Operating Temperature

    Min.: -15° C

    Max.: 45° C

    Optimum storage temperature: 20-25° C

    Steps to take in the event of a failure

    If the headlight fails, it must be immediately replaced.

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