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NACA ROAD is a headlamp optimized for road bikes.

The shape designed according to the naca airfoil allowed us to achieve a drag coefficient of 0.267.

At the same time, the performance of the headlamps is excellent.

A lens incorporating automotive projection lens technology realizes a perfect cut-off line at a height of only 2cm and meets the 45km/h regulation (ECE R113 class B).

The aluminum housing ensures durability and heat dissipation.

It supports waterproof rating IP66, and the usage time is 1.5h to 7.3h, and the weight is 160g.

NACA ROAD is developed by Etendue Lighting, an automotive headlamp engineering company in Korea and high-end lamp technology partner of LightSKIN

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Product Details
  • Features

    Specifically designed to meet the demanding aerodynamic requirement of high-end racing bikes, NACA Road matches the shape of the NACA airfoil. Air resistance is minimized through the design following the NACA airfoil shape.(Cd, drag of coefficient: 0.267).

    When it is driven at a speed of 45km/h, the energy consumed by air resistance is only 0.48W.

    A lens incorporating automotive projection lens technology realizes a perfect cut-off line at a height of only 2 centimeters

    and meets the 45 km/h regulation (ECE R113 class B).


    55.7mm x 101.1mm x 41.8mm 


    160gram without mount  

  • Light unit
    • NACAROAD lighting performance
      With glare-free from the opposite, the maximum front sight distance of 72m is realized. Maximum horizontal viewing angle of 52°.


    • Road lighting distribution by brightness mode.

  • ETC

    • Motivation of NACAROAD 
      Sungu Kang (ETENDUELIGHTINGdesigner of NACAROAD

      I used to ride a road bike with my friends after work. Since we rode the same course every day, we kept the pace fast even at night. Then one night, one of my friends fell down on a downhill. Unfortunately, he suffered a back injury and needed months of treatment. The reason he fell was because of damage to the road at the corner. However, if the moment was daytime, he could have prevented the accident.
      ‘We have accidents because w
      e don't see the roads as much as we need at night.’
      I was motivated by watching the process and aftermath of the accident. Because my job was automotive headlamp engineer. I'm sure that he could have prevented accidents if he had used engineered lighting at the level of automotive headlamps.

      I wanted "cyclists to be safe at night even in the most dangerous moment!”


      We think the most dangerous moment of riding is
      ‘Meeting a downhill corner on a wet road.’ (except for traffic accidents) 

      The minimum braking distance for stopping a bicycle at a speed of 60 km/h on a wet road is generally known to be about 25m. ( Considering the human reaction time of 1 second, the minimum stopping sight distance is 42m. Considering the curvature of the road, the light intensity in the direction of 25° left and right should be 3lx or more (@10m). 
    • NACAROAD aerodynamic performance
      Air resistance is minimized through the design following the NACA airfoil shape.(Cd, drag of coefficient : 0.267)

      Drag, or air resistance, is the force of the wind on an object in the direction of the wind. It is composed of pressure drag (pushing/pulling normal the surface) and friction drag (sliding over the surface). In most cases the pressure drag is dominant. The drag coefficient is a dimensionless quantity that indicates the aerodynamic resistance of an object moving through its medium. It is defined as follows:
      The scale below illustrates typical Cd values (NASA and Wikipedia). More streamlined objects will have a low Cd, less streamlines objects will have a high Cd. The Cd of your project has been indicated as well. Please note that this is an indicative figure, mainly suited for comparing different concepts. For a highly accurate value, contact at
      When it is driven at a speed of 45km/h, the energy consumed by air resistance is only 0.49W. (It is only 24% compared to the reflector type product.)


      The Cd provides a measure for the aerodynamic efficiency of an object. By approximation, the actual drag force Fd on the object as well as the power required to propel it will vary in function of the wind speed according the following formula:
      For your project, that leads to the force & power curves shown below. Please keep in mind that this curve is an estimation, based on extrapolation from the simulation wind speed. For more accurate forces at a given velocity, please perform a simulation for that velocity.
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How to Use
  • Assembly
    • Install on GoPro Mount.

    • After installing on the mount, illuminate the lamp on the wall from a distance of 2m and fix it so that the cut-off line is located 3.5cm below the product height. (see picture)


    • The user's eyes are more comfortable by attaching the bicycle computer or anti-glare shield.


  • Function

    Lighting specification by brightness mode.


    LED Flux[lm]

    Max illuminance point[lux, @10m]



    Life time

    Max power






    Sports mode






    Touring mode






    City mode






  • Charge state


    • During charging, the battery status indicator flashes green and turns off when charging is completed.

    • Should the product become excessively hot during charging, disconnect the charger.
    • Never charge the battery when the USB port is wet.
    • The NACA Road can be charged during use.

  • Precautions

    Safety instructions:

    • After installation, check that the NACA ROAD does not rotate under load.
    • Make sure that the headlight is not covered by a bag or similar when driving.
    • Do not make any independent modifications to the product. Do not attempt to open the product.


    • If the headlight fails, it must in any case be sent to the importer for repair or replaced completely.
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  • Warranty
  • Waste Disposal

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  • Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea