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This bicycle seatpost with integrated rear light ensures the visibility and safety on the road

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Product Details
  • Features

    Patented seatpost with an integrated seat rail clamp. The seatpost tube features 5 holes in which the LEDs are enclosed. 


    27.2 / 30.9 / 31.6



    Color and surface finish

    Polished Silver, Matt Black

    Seatpost Type

    2 bolt clamp, offset 9

    Seatpost material

    Aluminum 6061 T6 

  • Light unit

    5 LEDs with integrated electrical light control and battery management system. The 5 LEDs are sunk into the seat post tube. The LEDs, circuit board and battery are enclosed in a plastic housing and are thus protected.

    There are 2 modes to choose from:

    - 5 LED mode (all 5 LEDs light up)

    - 3 LED mode / energy saving mode (only the top 3 LEDs light up)

    Light Module

    5 high brightness red LEDs



    Power Source

    Two Alkaline AA Batteries (DC 3V)

    Light Duration

    (fully charged battery)

    (Minimum) 50 hours - Continuous light mode

    (Maximum) 100 hours - Chase, Flashing mode

  • ETC

    Seatpost test standard

    ISO 4210 City(27.2, 30.9), ISO 4210 Mountain(31.6)

    Package Contents

    Rear light seatpost

    * AA batteries aren't included.

How to Use
  • Assembly

    Use the correct diameter corresponding to your bicycle frame.

    Use the appropriate tool to fasten the saddle support.

    Adhere to the safety lines of the minimum and maximum insertion heights.

    The rear light must be mounted in such a way that it is illuminated at the rear. Please observe the minimum insertion mark on the post and ensure that this is adhered to. The rear light must be aligned so that it shines backward. The reference axis (see drawing) must be aligned with the longitudinal axis of the bicycle.


    Please refer to the recommended torque settings in the above table. Incorrect torque can damage the product and could lead to personal injury.

    Minimum insertion height


  • Function

    The first top LED functions as a button and is used to operate the rear light.

    Push and hold for 2 sec

    Change between the 3 and 5 light

    Single push

    Mode change : On Chase flashing pulse continuous Off

  • How to install batteries

    How to insert batteries

    Insert two 1.5volt AA batteries into the base of the seatpost. Make sure the (+) direction faces into the post as per the illustration over leaf.

    When light and batteries are wet.

    If water enters the inside of the seatpost, remove the battery and let the inside of the product dry thoroughly before using it again.

  • Precautions

    At startup, the product must be dry. Remove any moisture before riding.

    After installation, test that the seatpost does not drop under load.

    Take care that the LEDs are not covered by a bag or clothing when riding.

    Do not make any independent changes to the product. Do not try to open the product.

    Steps to take in the event of a failure


    If the rear light is defected, it must be immediately replaced.

    If you ride with the seat post low, it may be the case that the seat clamp covers one of the lenses. Please ensure that the clamp area is not directly tightened on to the lens as per the illustration below.

    Install the seatpost on saddle

    Please read through these instructions completely before you install your new seat post.

    If you are not an experienced bicycle mechanic, or do not have correct tools for this job, Please take the parts and the instructions to your favorite bike shop. Let them do the work.

    Do not modify these seat posts, Modification may result in failure and could cause severe personal injury.

    Modification of the seat post will also void the warranty.

    Operating Temperature

    Min: -15° C

    Max: 45° C

    Optimum storage temperature: 20-25°C

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