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2020 Reddot Design award winner

Fully Integrated Lighting System LightSKIN

LightSKIN is a bright, glare-free and road-legal (StVZO-compliant) bicycle lighting system, which increases road safety. The LEDs
are integrated in the handlebar illuminates every path ahead wit ha light output of 155 lm, and a lithium-polymer battery recharge
able via micro-USB guarantees a running time of four to six hours, for the light in the seat post even up to 15 hours. LightSKIN is av
ailable as a dynamo-hub or battery-powered version.

Statement by the Jury
The LightSKIN lighting system innovatively utilises modern technology and draws attention with its intelligent and functional

Manufacturer:        Evergreen I&D, LightSKIN, Geochang County, Gyeongnam Province, South Korea
In-house design:    Jaeyong Lee

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