LightSKIN is a corporation, which is established by Jaeyong Lee in 2006, to develop/manufacture built-in bicycle parts professionally. Currently, the head office of LightSKIN is located at Geochang in Korea. The founder of LightSKIN, Jaeyong Lee, has been enjoyed the bicycle since he was a little kid and graduated with the major in mechanical engineering and currently in management of company which manufactures the products related to bicycle. As he was riding a bicycle, he had complaints regarding many important components of bicycle being mismatched in design & its usage. For instance, tail light, head light, etc. are necessary equipment of bicycle for night riding, but when it is not in use, he thought that it would be looked like a simple ugly hump on bicycle. 
The ideal component of bicycle for him is that such components are not interfering with primary functions & designs of bicycle.Then, he had decided to settle the problem from the tail lights of bicycle, and the result of such efforts had been a “built-in Light Seatpost.” This product has been awarded with 2010 Reddot Design Award, and it has been continuously sold till now. In 2016, LightSKIN and Mr. Lee have released the LightSKIN Handle Bar which has a built-in head light at the handle bar of bicycle. We will continuously put our best efforts to develop Built-in Bicycle Parts based on superior functions with simple design, and with LightSKIN Bicycle Parts, your bicycle will be lightened and your life will be lightened ever.