LightSKIN’s simple design without protruding parts and with a unique touch button method offers a great deal of advantages compared to the existing protruding tail lights. When a high risk of shock, vibration, and damage exists, like with mountain bikes, LightSKIN’s robust structure will be a great help. In case of folding bikes that need to be folded frequently, LightSKIN’s sleek exterior with no protruding parts will maximize the advantage of the folding bikes. Furthermore, with the button integrated with the first LED and the 3-LED mode, it can be also easily used for those low saddle height bicycles, such as ones for women and children.


    • caprica says:

      We had made 34.9mm a few years ago.
      But we don’t have the stock now.
      Do you really want this size?

  1. Matt says:

    Do you ship to the US? I am looking for a black seatpost 31.6, but can’t find any in the US. Is there a list of lightskin retailers in the US? Thanks for your assistance.

    • caprica says:

      Hi Matt
      Thank you for the interest in our products.
      Yes we can send a piece of 31.6/black to you.
      If you want to buy one Please see the product in main page.

  2. Marcel says:

    Hi guys,
    What stem did you use in the video to rotate the handlebar? Very elegant and great spacesaver for parked bikes!

    • caprica says:

      Hi Marcel
      The rotatable stem is our new project. : )
      We expect that we will be able to produce the stem in this year.

  3. Joe says:

    Any chance of the handlebars getting back in stock anytime soon? I would like to order it in black.

    • caprica says:

      Hi Joe.

      Sorry for the late reply.
      Built-in Light Handlebar will be stocked in the middle of April.

  4. caprica says:

    Thank you for the interest in our products.
    We can make a piece of 33.9 diameter for Dahon.
    And we have 25.4mm/560mm/black built-in light handlebar now.
    If you want to buy them please send an email to

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