LED : 5 high brightness LEDs
DURABILITY : 50 hours - Continuous light mode / (Maximum) 100 hours - Flickering, Wave mode
POWER SOURCE : Two Alkaline AA Batteries (DC 3Volt)
WATERPROOF : Waterproof for everyday life
OPERATION MODES : Continuous Light, Flickering, Wave
WEIGHT : Φ27.2mm(380g) / LED module (Approximately 36 grams without batteries)
DIAMETER : Φ27.2mm, Φ30.9mm, Φ31.6mm

  • LED Push Button LightSKIN integrates LED lenses and button into one assembly presents smooth touch along with its unique method of button manipulation.
  • 36 grams When embedded in a seatpost, the weight of LightSKIN is only 36 grams excluding batteries. Among those tail lights that use AA batteries, it is regarded as one of the lightest.
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