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Why built-in tail light LightSKIN?
To protect an important object from being stolen or damaged, to protect it from rain and snow, for occasional use, or simply to store it safely, we usually keep the object inside some sort of storage unit. The idea of LightSKIN for bicycle tail lights originated from this very habit. LightSKIN integrated LED lenses and buttons into one assembly, so that it can be easily embedded in the seatpost. Our unique technique, which was employed to firmly fix the LED circuit inside the seatpost, enables a simple design, as well as ensures the maximum performance for the strength and function of the seatpost.

Compared to existing tail lights that are attached externally, LightSKIN has numerous advantages. First of all, without protruding parts, it has little risk of being damaged. Additionally, whereas the existing tail lights are susceptible to theft because they are easily spotted, LightSKIN enjoys a low possibility of being stolen. Adoption of the LED circuit self-invented in South Korea and use of AA batteries further guarantee superior performance. Because of the silicon water-proof pad and patent-pending, unique internal structure, the resistance to damage by water is excellent. Also, LightSKIN's simple design doesn't protrude externally, harmonizing with the overall design of a bicycle and providing the utmost satisfaction with the design.

Particularly in 2010, LightSKIN became the first company in Korea's bicycle industry to receive the "reddot" award, which is a main prize under the reddot award product category and is recognized as the world's most prestigious prize in the design field. This award proved the excellence of LightSKIN overseas as well, and will help further facilitate our exports.

Lastly, Evergreen I&D offers a variety of methods for efficient distribution of LightSKIN. If you wish to use LightSKIN, you can purchase a bicycle already installed with LightSKIN or a seatpost exclusively designed for LightSKIN at a participating LightSKIN store. If you prefer to use your existing seatpost, there are several locations where you can have your seatpost modified to use LightSKIN. We promise that Evergreen I&D will continue its best to make LIghtSKIN available for more people.

Reddot is one of the three greatest design awards in the world, along with IF and IDEA, as well as an important opportunity to connect design and business. Accordingly, the products selected for reddot are required to have a great practical value, in addition to the pleasing design. Only 10% of the contestants are selected to be awardees, and the prizewinning products are allowed to make use of the reddot design certification mark. Every year, the prizewinning products are published in the "Red Dot Year Book". It is an excellent guidebook for market trends, along with the "Showcase Book" published by the IF Award.
Lightskin Bicycle Tail Light
red dot award: product design 2010 red dot

evergreen I&D, Geochang, Korea
In-house design :
Jaeyong Lee, Minjung Yun
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How was LightSKIN created?

The core idea is that LightSKIN has the LED circuit and batteries built into the seatpost, and several holes are crafted to let the light of the LED circuit come out of the seatpost. However, because the seatpost of a bicycle is a critical component that supports most of the weight of the bicycle user, it takes great caution in processing and assembling the seatpost. LightSKIN solved this difficult problem by the following three solutions:
1. Touch-type LED mode control button
2. Unique internal circuit fixture structure
3. Batteries separated from the circuit

1. Internal circuit fixture structure
LightSKIN employed a unique technique to firmly fix the LED circuit in the interiors of seatposts that have a variety of thickness and cross-sectional shapes, and to achieve desirable waterproof performance. This technique fixes the circuit by using the force of pushing the circuit in the seatpost with screws spinning in the reverse direction.

2. Touch-type LED mode control button
LightSKIN integrates the LED lenses and control buttons into one assembly. This technique gives the same feeling as touch buttons of cutting-edge IT devices. Through this technique, LightSKIN is able to dramatically enhance the strength, processing time, and efficiency in assembly by minimizing the number of holes to be crafted on the seatpost.

3. Batteries separated from the circuit
The seatposts of bicycles can have various lengths. However, LightSKIN is not affected by the length of the seatpost because the LED circuit and the battery part are connected by wires. Furthermore, because it uses AA batteries, which is rarely the case with other bicycle tail lights, the performance is outstanding.

Features of LightSKIN - HA202, CA102
LED  Five high brightness LEDs
(Minimum) 50 hours - Flashing mode
(Maximum) 100 hours - Wave mode
Batteries  Two Alkaline AA batteries
Waterproof  Waterproof for everyday lifeˇˇ
Operation  Modes 
3 modes
Weight  Approximately 36 grams
LightSKIN’s weight without batteries
Dimensions  Φ27.2mm, Φ30.9mm, Φ31.6mm, Φ33.9mm

NOTICE : HA201 and CA100 are old models. We don't make HA201, CA100 any longer from Aug. 2015.
LED Touch Buttons
LightSKIN integrates LED lenses and buttons into one assembly presents smooth touch along with its unique method of button manipulation.

36 grams When embedded in a seatpost, the weight of LightSKIN Touch is only 36 grams excluding batteries. Among those tail lights that use AA batteries, it is regarded as one of the lightest.

Button Manipulation Method

ON  While it is turned off, quickly press the button once.
OFF  Press and hold the button
(Except for the entire ON mode)
Change  Mode  While it is turned on, quickly press the button once.
Quick ON/OFF Switch
If the touch button is pressed and held, the current mode is saved, and the operation stops. This user-friendly function executes the previous mode directly with a one-button press while it is off.


LightSKIN and Bicycles

LightSKIN’s simple design without protruding parts and with a unique touch button method offers a great deal of advantages compared to the existing protruding tail lights. When a high risk of shock, vibration, and damage exists, like with mountain bikes, LightSKIN’s robust structure will be a great help. In case of folding bikes that need to be folded frequently, LightSKIN’s sleek exterior with no protruding parts will maximize the advantage of the folding bikes. Furthermore, with the button integrated with the first LED and the 3-LED mode, it can be also easily used for those low saddle height bicycles, such as ones for women and children.

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